Company history

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The company Future Gaming was founded in early 2000 in Malmö, Sweden. It was created as a logical step taken from being a small company that mainly covered local requests, to an enterprise capable of meeting the ever-growing demands of operators world wide.

The original business idea behind the company dates back to 1985 at a completely different location - Belgrade in Serbia, when Dejan Tomic, then at the age of 22, decided to launce an electronics manufacturing firm. Soon an opportunity came in sight which opened the doors to the cooperation between a respected Swedish company - Cherryföretagen and Vectron (as the firm name was at the time).

By 1992 Vectron was joined by Sreten Cica, a highly skilled engineer, and then had a few products already developed of which some, like the Credit Incrementor Board, are still being produced and sold to some of the largest companies in the world at present. But the recession and hostilities in the region made it very difficult to make any kind of progression for some 7 years in total.

Still, by 1999 Vectron had developed, produced and sold a significant number of Jackpot and Accounting Systems in the region. It was now time to move on and try to challenge the international casino market. The success has not been left out, more than 20,000 machines at around 250 casinos / slot halls have our products installed and it does not look like it is going to stop...