Dejan Tomic

Dejan Tomic was born in 1963 in Jesenice in Slovenia. At a very early stage the family moved to Sweden where he finished elementary school. Moving to Belgrade was then (1979) decided by his Serbian parents and after finishing the gymnasium, the military service and two years of a natural science course at the University of Belgrade, he started his first firm in 1985. Various basic projects in the field of general electronics evolved with modest results until the foundation of Vectron, the first limited company, in the year 1990. That decade saw some quite difficult times caused by the breakup of the Republic of Yugoslavia but in spite of this, the first accounting and jackpot systems managed to see the light of day, under Dejan's leadership. These products we mainly succesful regionally but some foreign installation had been made during that time as well.

In order to improve and expand his business, he decided to move back to Sweden where in 2000, Future Gaming was founded. Dejan has been until today the CEO in this firm, which evolved into a share holders company in 2006. His two companies now employ more than 20 people and is constantly growing as a result of careful planning and the deployment of several succesful projects, developed for the casino market.

Sreten Cica

Sreten Cica was born in 1963 in Zrenjanin, Serbia. He graduated 1988 at the School of Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade. After graduation he started working as a researcher at the very same school at the telecommunications desk where he was engaged in the field of Spread Spectrum Communications. In the year 1990 he passes over to the IMTEL Institute in Belgrade where he continues with researching activities but also is engaged in the field of protected communications. He becomes a member of a team which successfully deploys a Frequency Hopping prototype with a capacity of more than 1000 hops per second. The next engagement would be in the field of digital broadcasting technology. The result of this is a prototype followed by the commercial deployment of a digital FM Exciter for which the team, with Sreten as a member, gets a prestigious annual award for scientific contribution issued by the Serbian Radio and Television Broadcasting Company.

In 1997 Sreten joins the company Vectron Digital Systems in Belgrade as the Director of Research and Development and this has been his position to this day. Under his leadership the Vectron progresses from being a company that produces simpler micro-controlled devices on-demand, to the deployment of networked systems entirely dedicated to casino operation. As a co-owner of Vectron in the year 2000 he co-founds the Swedish company Future Gaming which takes over the commercial activities of the mother company Vectron. He continues to lead the teams that in 2005 commences the development of the eFLOOR™ Project through to the final deployment in 2007 in areas of hardware, embedded software, Linux and Windows, Systems and User Applications.