ePrizing™ - Player Bonusing

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ePrizing™ key benefits:
  • Different Prizes Available - reinforce player loyalty and fill the empty seats
  • Promotional points - give your new members a good start
  • Predefined bonus points - automatically issued on set thresholds
  • Happy Hour points - activated during certain hours

Sooo Many Player Awards... ...Knocks The Competition Out - For Good!

  • Five different Prizes to Club Members will make them think you are giving away money. Not being a member is simply not an option!
  • Issue Promotional Points at the very start of the membership convincing the player to enroll - but without the possibility to cash out. These points can only be played, and the wins that result from these points can either be re-bet or used to pay for food, beverage etc.
  • Pre-defined bonus points are automatically issued upon reaching a certain threshold and later, on every fixed number of earned points, an additional award is issued - telling the player to keep up the good work.
  • Happy Hour Bonus Points defined to be activated within a certain time of the day when it is slow on the floor motivating players to fill the empty seats. These points are triggered by the win events on the machine giving an additional percentage to the win amount already given. The word spread in no time!
  • How about Random Jackpot Points, acting like a true Random Jackpot game - but only for Club Members. Choose to set it for a percentage of the total bet amount or for a fixed-amount prize. This one is a favourite instantly.
  • Take special care of your carded players remembering their birthday with a small points gift - and a personal greeting message displayed on the integrated player tracking display on the machine. Enough to make them feel special that day.
  • Of course ePrizing™ will not let you run bankrupt on your generosity - an automatic recalculating engine will warn if total prized points exceed a predefined percentage level forcing you to make adjustments to handle the issued points correctly. Also, all prizing options can be individually set not to be cash redeemable - again your choice. What's important is that no mistakes are allowed.


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