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eSlot™ key benefits:
  • Real-Time Reading - Any reading max. two seconds old
  • Supports 24-hour Operation - no need to interrupt players
  • Machine Performance Ranking - a perfect strategy tool
  • Extensive Reporting - a fully redefined custom reporting system

No more time wasting on recalculation errors of slot meters. Reading becomes Accurate, Fast and Easy!

The philosophy based on OLAS™, our well proved data acquisition software but with highly upgraded features that round up all slot accounting needs in a casino.

  • As all relevant meters are now updated within every 10 seconds giving a true real-time reading. This means there is virtually no waiting for the results, be it just a preview or the final, official reading.
  • Having problem aligning the cash desk total with machine revenue in a 24-hour operation? No problem at all. Apart from the regular automatic reading, a remote feature is now implemented making it possible to read and store the meters on the exact moment of a machine dump. There will be no need for interrupting players even if it is 7 in the morning. Just let them finish and, when they move to another one, read and dump the machine.
  • Additional grouping options expand your organisation level to the point that any accounting combination is possible and can be configured to match your own exactly. Migrating to eFLOOR™ will not change anything in the way you make your accounting. It will only expand your viewing angle and focus on the relevant issues - how well machines are performing on the floor.
  • Speaking about performance, Machine Management will present you with this information automatically... Yes, all machines are ranked by their performance - from best to worst - making purchase strategy a piece of cake.
  • Reporting has been fully redefined including the new organisation elements described above and a widely expanded cross-calculation engine making it possible to list, group, sort and totalize just about every item read.

eFLOOR™ monitors all machines constantly, and any failure or exception from the conditions predefined within the system will result in a momentary alert to what device has what problem.


541-5012 eFLOOR Catalogue 2009 7.6 MB

See also the download section for related user manuals.