eTracking™ - Player Tracking

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eTracking™ key benefits:
  • VIP Players Detection - spot them on their entry
  • Extensive Player Data - recording of all player activity
  • Automatic Ranking - know exactly which top players to treat
  • Same Card for Cash Loading - use with SmartCash to load credits

Put The Player in The Heart of Your Operation!

  • Register the player and give them a way to show you how they like to play. Reward them when they have a bad day and stimulate them to stay after a big win.
  • Points earned during play can be loaded directly back to the machine for continuous play or redeemed at the cash desk - you decide what options are in the game.
  • Spot Hot Players instantly and automatically - even if they are not registered! Offer them quick registering so they can utilize the advantage of additional tracking points as Club Members.
  • Tag your VIP's and eTracking™ will alert you each time they enter the casino that day. Opportunity for the staff to offer the VIP complimentary drinks and let them know that you appreciate their presence.
  • Use the Automatic Ranking feature to figure out exactly which players are the top ones ranked in order of player intensity by time and award the top 10 with a little extra points - so they know they are taken care of - and why.
  • Reports will show the total activity of a player in detail and all data can be exported into Windows™ Excel™ for further analysis and graphical presentation. This will always put you ahead of the player predicting their gambling behaviour.


541-5012 eFLOOR Catalogue 2009 7.6 MB

See also the download section for related user manuals.