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All hardware is delivered on a per seat basis, meaning that configurations can be tailor suited for every situation, without the need to purchase more equipment and licenses than is needed. This will keep acquisition costs for the operator down to a true minimum and enable him to grow the system alongside the business.

Every gaming machine on the floor is equipped with a PIM bracket (Player Interface Module) that consists of a smart-card reader, keypad and message display. The smart card reader is, obviously, used for membered players ID cards, the key pad is used by the player for many actions, like entering PIN codes, calling attendants, waitresses etc., and the display will show messages to the player relevant to the operation, like the amount that has been loaded into or paid out from the machine, players current poins amount, any bonus rewards given etc.

eFLOOR™ will provide the casino management with total monitoring of player activity and deliver statistical data which will make it possible to further improve the relation between the casino and the player by exact player loyalty reinvestment schemes. This will result in greater player satisfaction, loyalty build-up and, as a result, higher revenues for the casino.

The method used is to make the player a "casino member" giving them options that are not available to non-member players. These options are accumulated points on the players account, collected during playing. The redemption can be in form of money, credits, goods and services such as transport, hotel accommodation, restaurant services, various valuables, etc.


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