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JDS™ key benefits:
  • Multi-Level Mystery Games - A Jackpot game for every type of player
  • In-Machine Displays - Individually controlled metering display for every machine
  • Multiple Games - Run simultaneously mystery, progressive and daily games in any combination

Total integration with eFLOOR™ adds WAP (Wide-Area Progressive) and MLP (Multi-Level Progressive), options that set your Casino where it belongs - Right at The Top!

For many years has Jackpot Systems been doing the same - showing an ever increasing number that occasionally brings the odd player some joy and a reason to leave the floor instantly. Well, it is time to put an end to all that. Not only will the player be more excited over the Jackpot award but they won't take it home.

  • Returning the Jackpot award automatically back into the machine instead of cashing out encourages the Player to stay by the machine instead of leaving with the money. A portion of the Jackpot amount will always be returned back into the game this way.
  • Multi-Level Jackpot games and WAP Systems have also been around for a while. But linking different machines to different jackpot levels requires a few tricks down the sleeve. Running this at the same time on several sites combined requires some quite new communication techniques. And they are already built into eFLOOR™. Once the system is setup just link the Jackpot Controller and Display to the nearest communication lines. Simple but exceptional!


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