SmartCage™ - Cage Management

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SmartCage™ key benefits:
  • Fast Operation - touch-screen operation mean no queues at the cash desk
  • Live Game Support - transactions of currency, tokens, credits and also chips supported
  • Multiple Currency Accounts - no need for any manual conversion
  • Automatic Player Identification - verifying players via photo prior to any transaction

Include your cage into eFLOOR™ and you have it all rounded up.

The cash desk is, of course, an important element to be included in our system package.

  • Following a step-by-step procedure from the beginning of the day until the closing every transaction will be recorded so not even the smallest amount can get lost.
  • Multiple attendant accounts will be opened simultaneously, keeping track of all individual transactions, such as: customer signed payouts, keyed in amounts, currency transactions etc.
  • These records will be cross checked with records from all the other elements from within the system eliminating any human error in operation.
  • SmartCage™ user interface is specially designed to suit touch-screen operation.


541-5012 eFLOOR Catalogue 2009 7.6 MB

See also the download section for related user manuals.