SmartCash™ - Cashless Operation

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SmartCash™ key benefits:
  • Smart Cards - just like TITO but so much simpler
  • No Key ON/Off Credits - less attendants on the floor
  • No Coin Handling - no jams, no security problems, no buckets
  • Same Card for Player Tracking - huge operational savings

Benefit from cashless operation? No doubt!

Being perhaps the most obvious upgrade in your Casino as there are so many reasons. Imagine...

  • ...Instant credit loading on the machine, just as using a full blown ticketing system - but without tickets. Both running and installation costs are a fraction of the cost of having to install ticket readers and printers in every machine. And the result is practically the same...
  • ...No coins means you do not have to engage floor attendants for that job at all. Every machine payout loads fully onto the card which can then be inserted into any other machine. Funds are loaded onto the card either at the cash desk or simply by inserting bills into a machine and making a payout.
  • ...No coins also means no coin and hopper jams, no security problems, no heavy buckets to count, no lost coins cost, no coin dust causing failure to the machines and no players' dirty hands. Just a plastic card like any other credit or member card.

The cards are resistant to all kind of abuse and are not sensitive to magnetic fields. They cannot be copied - but even if they could be, there is no use, as the funds are stored in the system and not onto the card itself. If a cancelled card would be re-entered prior to reactivating it, an alarm would instantly indicate the machine number on which it has been inserted.

Flawless security!


541-5012 eFLOOR Catalogue 2009 7.6 MB

See also the download section for related user manuals.